A Recovering Addict I Am.

I'm going to start a support group for Nice Guys recovering from perpetual Niceguydom.

We will meet every Friday night, at 9 pm, in the basement of the local Hooters.

It will be exclusively for Gentle, Kind, Loving men who are too utterly paranoid to state what they want, for fear of not being loved.

We will dine on Hungry Man Turkey Dinners and Diet Pepsi.

It will help us all to learn that desires are okay. That what we want is okay. That who we are is okay.

We will all be unhappy, depressive maniacs with gleaming exteriors.

It will allow single, wellmannered men everywhere to stand up and say "Damnit, I want _________ and I'm not going to stop until I get it!"

We will have all been elected "Best Personality" of our high school class.


Posted: Wednesday - November 30, 2005 at at 06:32 PM     |