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Serifed LOL is SERIFED!



Stieg Retlin

what should my comic be about

Stieg Retlin

just to let you know, thats a trick question, as it will have no influence on any actual outncome

Stieg Retlin

due to my uh nature

Stieg Retlin

That made me LOL.

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Thank you Mr. Keillor.

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I graduated from college last year. After a few months leeching off my parents and being lazy, I started my first real job. Most of my day is spent in my cubicle staring at a computer monitor with intermittent paper shuffling. I've been listening to your program for as long as I can remember and you always seem to have some insight, some wise suggestion, for people who are growing up. Any suggestions for me? A new office drone struggling with boredom and cubicle fever (its a lot like cabin fever)?

Michael P.
Hoover, AL

You did the right thing and put your foot in the water and of course it's cold. My advice is: be patient and make a plan and keep searching for your truest self. Don't become an indentured servant. That's somebody who hates work and so he spends his money, and borrows more, in order to alleviate his suffering, thereby becoming a prisoner of the job. So be frugal, stingy even. Salt as much money away as you can, so that if some jerk of a boss yanks your chain and insults you, you can walk away without trepidation. Make a plan that you'll stick it out for a year and that in six months you'll look at your options. Be an exemplary employee ---- it helps pass the time and it's a good exercise. Meanwhile, continue your education, except now with no need to please teachers or write bullshit papers or trim your sails to match prevailing opinion. There is no better way to find out who you are than to sit down and write about what's happening to you and what you think. At work you can be a perfectly polite, helpful, quiet, reliable drone, but don't confuse that persona with yourself: you are you and don't waste any time finding out more about you. In the end, your continuing education ---- the valuable part of your education, since it's what you do on your own ---- and your self-awareness will be what guide you on to the next phase of your working life. The part that's quite a lot of fun.

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From another world

At first I thought this was cleverly written spam. But there was no link...

On 6/28/06, Clifford Megan <> wrote:


I know we did not have any luck earlier today getting Joanne's assessment into my OLA inbox, but try hitting "send assessment" (not send for signature) and enter my name.   This might work.

I spoke with Larry, and he does not have to re-brief the assessment tomorrow if she is not a promotion candidate.  Given our conversation and the feedback/info you received from others during the data gathering stage, we should stick with keeping this assessment at an Overall Meets.  Therefore, Joanne is not a promotion candidate at this time.  So, there is no urgency is making changes to the assessment tonight.

Per your suggestion, I would consider moving Work Quality down to a Meets.

Also, in looking at the competencies in the white box, which are the ones she is measured against, I am not sure that she is exceeding in Task Execution due to this statement: 

Manages tasks of others or coordinates multiple assignments and monitors schedule.  We have seen her manage Erin and monitor work schedules, but only a limited amount.  This might be an area that she can further focus on and gain more experience in to have an Exceeds rating.  If Task Execution is lowered to a Meets, this would give her 2 exceeds and 2 meets in assignment performance, giving her an overall Meets in the category.

Please let me know your thoughts on these two changes.  I do not believe the narrative has to be changed if we are only giving her a Meets, but Larry might have other thoughts on this.


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RSS Feed

After seeing a seward street post, I just wanted to publicize the fact that this blog supports an RSS feed. It's on the sidebar, or right here. In Safari you can bookmark the link in the Bookmark Bar and each new post will come up.

See News for an example. I believe Firefox does the same thing.

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