Friday - May 16, 2008

 Rich Cando

From my vantage point here at work, Rich always makes this face. It's the face he makes when "concentrating", AKA surfing eBay for vintage 70's porn.



Phil weighs in. I'm wary of his "compliments"...


Phil Rynda


Phil Rynda

there is something so gross about some of your drawings

Phil Rynda

its hilarious

Phil Rynda

again... compliment

Phil Rynda

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been a long time been a long time 

 So I've been pretty busy working at Brandissimo! doing storyboards / design / animation / After Effects / FCP / Flash / Actionscripting. Most of what we do is completely owned by the NFL, so I don't get to show really any of it on a public space. But yes, I'm actually doing work and gettin' paid for it. 

I'm trying to draw much more. It's tough, being at a small company that's extremely busy. You get dragged in many different places. But that's life.

Lots of things have happened in the interim. I just finished (I think) a short called "45 Seconds to Heartbreak", which is exactly what it sounds like. More on that upcoming.  I met a girl, joined Facebook, yadda yadda. It's my goal to be more social in the new year. It's slowly comin'.

This is the development process from the most recent Gum or Mints assignment. 

I started off basically just by doodling. I knew I wanted her to be an ugly-ish character, to contrast with the beauty of the story. As I wrote on GoM, "I find it hard to empathize with beautiful characters in films. To me there's something truer and more beautiful about a slightly ugly character going through hardships and discovering beauty in the end. A pretty girl is told throughout her life that she's pretty, an ugly character is mostly ignored and has to find their own way."


For some reason Chowder popped in there a little. But it wasn't working. So on to page 2...


(No, she's not being hit by a spiritual laser or anything. I guess I saved the PSD with an errant brushstroke) Here I sort of lost focus on the assignment, was looking for a direction and just doodled. Maybe it was just "warming up". I went back to that first page, found that I had hit what I actually wanted, and elaborated on it. Hence, the final piece:


That's it. More to come about films, etc later.

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Friday - October 19, 2007

gum or mints? 

 I never mentioned it, but a bunch of artists started a blog over at Gum or Mints? It stars the inimitable John Quinn, the dashingly clever Dan Thompson, the man-whose-name-is-hard-to-find-on-the-interwebs Matt Cruickshank, and other crazy good character artists. I'm just the technicals guy, but post occassionally.


Frankenstein by Dan Thompson.

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Thursday - October 11, 2007

easy teasy  

 I know Mr. Forgione will claim this doesn't count as he's seen most of the boards already, but here's a little image from a project I'm working on. Clicky for biggie.

Her name is Suzy Backwards, and basically she's got her head on backwards. Yup.


Since I've started drawing more and more, feeling more comfortable in my skin with a pencil in hand, I've noticed I've been writing a great deal less. It feels as if the brain atrophies after a certain amount of time spent doing other activities. Or maybe a drawing just encapsulates so much life experience that the writing process, which is essentially a step by step disassembly of experience in short form, seems trite and disrespectful by comparison. Or maybe I'm just getting lazy.

I have a strong urge to make a film, which teeters between animation via drawing and animation via whatever else. "emerge" was fun, but a one off. I'm done with Machinima. It's too molasses a medium for me; shapeless and expressionless. More and more I want to do something AfterEffects-y, using collage and scrapbooking and the like. Like a synthesis project rather than a de-constructive panel-by-panel storyboard. Maybe the summation of relationships using pieces of physical objects tied to those relationships. Something with a more arcane process, like the way pf works or worked back when we were in Hoboken.

ahhhh, reflection.

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